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  1. /articles/study-reveals-uv-led-lights-effectively-kill-the-human-coronavirus#Could-UV-LED-disinfection-be-safer? It all depends on what you read and you are convinced that it is the truth
  2. If the numbers increase as it seems there will certainly be another generalized lock down as will be logical after the holidays. The good news would seem from recent studies that the Covid dies within seconds if hit by UV, will this be the reason for a few deaths in Thailand?
  3. France bureaucrats speaking, I remember years ago France populations said no also with referendum but France bureaucrats don't care
  4. It is true what you say but I believe that you decide to take a medicine, not a medicine if you are not sick, natural medicine is not a food supplement but it is a medicine and like all medicines it can have contraindications
  5. Fah Talai Jone is an excellent natural medicine that strengthens the immune system, but for those who don't use their brains it doesn't work
  6. Thailand in 76 provinces so now Covid and in the 48 provinces it has spread everywhere but luckily Anutin had said that everything was under control two weeks ago, who knows why I did not feel reassured
  7. Courageous decision when they have most all been closed time ago
  8. Maybe you never thought that they answer for a question of dignity that is not to lose face, speaking in a general way here in Thailand apart from a few cases there is no crime like in Europe where if you leave something unattended for a few minutes you are sure will not find it anymore, I meant this mainly. I immediately appreciated this when I came to Thailand for the first time.
  9. Past and future >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  10. I like living in Thailand for many things that others have already indicated such as the pleasant climate, the favorable cost of living, the honesty of the Thai people, the external Thai fruit and fish market, the negative things are not really asked for, no country is perfect.
  11. Tried to give the end of the month but my partner (bachelor marketing) has already run out of money marketing after two weeks, now changed tactics, keep a housekeeping accounting and arrives almost at the end of the month
  12. You are one lucky man for every month, my partner she asks every week
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