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  1. That's a legitimate question, but I'm not sure I want to answer it tbh. Not because I can't, but because I don't think it will do you any good knowing what I have found or how I have found it. The question should rather be "What can I do to find proof?"
  2. You're right. I don't just believe and I don't take things on blind faith. I need proof and have found it for myself and I'm still searching and finding. If you still can't see that there is a divine principle behind the material world, maybe the lighting is not strong enough.
  3. If I had the time and patience I would translate it into child talk for you. Sadly I have neither one of them.
  4. True. There are as many different kinds of believers as there are many kinds of non-believers. If that would have been the title of this thread, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have lasted this long. For sure, I wouldn't have been bothered. No, I'm not suggesting that. There are far too many variables and dynamics to consider about what happened in the past to large groups of people. I'm talking about here and now, about this thread and its contributors in particular. Fair enough. I have presented may times what are considered the best tools to prove to yourself if
  5. Ideas and beliefs about spiritual teachings need to be inquired into to determine validity. Most information in the world about spirituality is misleading. To determine truth from falsehood, one can inquire into the usefulness of information learned. That which appears useful can be tested for verification. Accepting on faith is only recommended once the source of information has been proven valid through inquiry and application. As one grows and realization becomes clearer, what may have been valid in the past may no longer remain valid for the present. Remaining open to the evolution of one’
  6. If the subjective experience of an individual is also shared by many others who have such experiences, and if such an experience can also be replicated by following certain procedures, certainly they must have the right to be called truth as well. You again make the mistake to take science as the measuring staff by which you judge both objective and subjective realities. But as we said countless times, the scientific method has no method for measuring subjective experiences like an expanding consciousness. To deny the existence of spiritual truths based on the lack of
  7. I'm not familiar with the word qualia. Not sure if you wanted to give it a negative spin, but seems to me that all spiritual (and not spiritual , if there is such a thing) experiences can be defined as qualia....subjective conscious experiences. Yes, you should have written that, but I don't recall ever when you called out the outrageous claims made by other gentlemen here. Maybe those post, however poorly conceived and ill informed as they were, suited an agenda or reinforced a bias? Materialists throw stones and hide their hands. When called out they fall silent and giv
  8. I've spent the last year doing just that. It's all written down in this thread. I'm surprised you've missed it. And why is such scrutiny reserved only for me? Why can others spout their unfounded claims and opinions disguised as facts, without any knowledge of the subject, be it objective or subjective knowledge? Do you ask them to supporting evidence for their claims as well? Do you also question them?
  9. That's exactly it! One doesn't exclude the other. Like I said before, I believe in a future where science and spirituality will fuse to become one and the same, seamlessly complementing each other.
  10. You're making it very easy for yourself. You claim the matter closed without proper inquiry, without proof, without even a shred of evidence to back your conclusion. You can't accept when a solution is presented to you that would probably shed light on the matter, because you're incapable of seeing anything beyond your nose and are incapable of accepting that you may not have all the answers. Then you puff yourself up as if you've won the argument. If I'd use the word childish, it would be a compliment.
  11. Yes, I think like you. Most of my friends are atheists and I know I would probably lose most of them if I were an evangelical kind of person, constantly bombarding them with my beliefs. At the same time though, I expect the same courtesy from them and to an extend from the posters in this thread. Respect is a two way road: it has to be given to be received. While I don't think anyone here is imposing their God views on others (at least not anymore since certain bible thumpers left a while ago), it is inevitable that this subject is being discussed. It's the "Do you believe in God" thread af
  12. Sunmaster

    Do you believe in God and why

    There are atheists I gladly debate with. Some of them have brilliant minds and I feel I can learn a lot from them. With others however, I feel I'm just wasting my time... Time to sleep.
  13. Yes, I agree with you there and I find it disgusting also. But what has that got to do with God? It has to do with people and their narrow mindsets. Is that enough to put you off from seeking that direct relationship?
  14. 1. It is a thread about God and faith. I'm surprised you haven't realized that yet after so many pages. Did you think it was about cars? 2. No, I don't. Masochism?
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